In January of 2012, in a small bedroom community in Southern California, The B Players Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues Club was formed to entertain audiences of all creeds and colors with great music and strong performances.

With an evolving and eclectic mix of songs in the repertoire, The B Players express their uniqueness in their song selections and in the instruments they use to make noise; from stand-up cocktail drum kits, to upright, rockabilly basses and homemade 'canjo' (a banjo made from a cookie tin) guitars, the songs are always changing and the sets are always fun.

The B Players have established themselves as a "leave the ego at the door" band, and while there are hefty doses of traditional rock and blues themes in what they do, they always keep the content age-appropriate. And these boys can play with great grooves and intense musicality. A full range of sonic toe-tapping ensures that the dance floor is rarely empty when downbeat comes.

The first recording sessions with the group were conceived of as experiments in old-time recording techniques. The band recorded live with no instrument overdubs and vintage microphones and miking techniques. This led to a unique quality of raw sound with an honest feel. The second round of sessions saw the band exploring unique instrumentation and a more production-oriented mindset. Combining these two sets of recordings has led to an (as-yet untitled) album with varying texture and anything but a formulaic 'blues' sound.

Interesting Band Facts:

  • They all wear glasses. Trippy, right?
  • Jey broke his arm when he was 5. Sucked.
  • Tim kills bugs. He likes it.
  • Joe is taller than many people.
  • Jey drove a Rolls Royce once.
  • They've logged more than 12 hours of flight time together.
  • Joe uses Schick razors. You know, for shaving.
  • Joe and Jey are left-handed.
  • Tim wishes he was left-handed.

Your Questions Answered...

Q: Why are you called The B Players?
A: was taken.

Q: When did you start playing together?
A: 2001 CE. TBPs started in 2012 though.

Q:Did you guys see that Tom Hanks movie, That Thing You Do?
A: Yeah. It's pretty great. Tom Hanks is a great director. Also, did you notice that the bass player doesn't have a name?

Q: Why isn't there a unified theory in physics?
A: It has to do with complications in the weak nuclear force (amongst other things). Go here: Let us know if you come up with one. It'd be cool to see.

Q: Who does your taxes?
A: No thanks. We're happy with our guy.

Q: Who shot your amazing promo photos?
A: Jey did that. He's pretty good at that photography.

hi. can we come over and play?

We like to travel. We like to play. Get in touch with us to book us for your event. Go to our Booking page now!


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