It's an amazing age we live in. I wouldn't be the first person to say that technology has totally changed everything. Case in point: B Players rehearsal last week. We sat down with our instruments, my trusty laptop, a digital mixer and some recording software. After about 10 minutes of setting up the session and inputs on the laptop, we were rolling and recording a cool little practice session. 

Now, the cavieat is that I'm a trained professional. That's right, studio recording one of the things I went to school to learn and become a professional at. But, I'm constantly amazed at the differences between my first introduction to studio work in the late 90s, to where we are today with digital recording and mixing. We've got technology at our fingertips that can rival what The Rolling Stones first recorded on, for considerably less money. That's not to say that it's all super great and wonderful, but the explosion of new music available to you instantaneously is near miraculous.

Here's a little jam we recorded while I was fiddling with knobs and gizmos. Enjoy. :)



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