As a songwriter, it is an amazing, surreal experience to hear my music pouring out of another person. I remember sitting in a recording studio not long ago, watching the keyboard player from The Eagles(!) record organ tracks on some of my music. I can only imagine the stunned look on my face as I looked at my buddy Joe thinking, "Is this really happening?!"

Fast forward to Sunday night... I got an email from my band's producer, asking for critiques on a track he was working on. The pair of sisters he was producing were recording their first album and he needed some input from other songwriters. I offered my advice and then mentioned that I would be willing to come in and record guitar parts, if he thought it would help. Twelve hours later, I was sitting in that very same studio, where I sat in stunned shock over my own songs, writing and recording guitar parts for the duo. It was an absolute blast to watch their expressions over the next few hours as they listened to songs they've crafted from their hearts, being birthed and brought to life. What a treat!

I'm looking forward to hearing the finished product and will share with all my friends when the project is done! And, here's wishing "Steph and Jo" the best of an amazing, new career, and all the success in the world.



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