At the time of this writing, we've got a cover of "Someday After Awhile" as the featured video on our front page. We've done this song for the last two years, and honestly, up until recently, it never really worked the way I wanted it to. The previous iteration of this song required a BIG sound all the way through, and yet, as a 3-piece group, it's really hard to maintain that, especially during a solo section. So, I broke out my old Coco Montoya CDs and we copped a bit of his feel.

Coco has been one of my favorite blues guys since I was a young lad. In fact, he was one of the first musicians that really got me interested in the blues, even though he nearly killed me with his guitar at a show he was playing.... more on that some other time. :) I've included a link to his album "Gotta Mind to Travel" which is a timeless recording in my opinion. Any serious blues fan, or music fan in general, should have this in their collection. Enjoy, and watch that headstock!

Coco Montoya on Amazon


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